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Chris Cockey


Chris was instrumental in the early days learning of refining our set lists when the band was first formed, and playing at our first gigs.

Bill Casino


Bill was instrumental in the early days learning the music, and helping the band get started with our first gigs.

Lance "Bo" Bobrosky


Bo has filled in for us in times of need! 

Thanks Bo!

John Gleim


John was the band's drummer for over 3 years and was with the band from the very beginning.

Jerry Haebler


Jerry has retired from drumming, but if you search the oceans you may find him on a sail boat.

John Gavin, Sr.


John was active as keyboard, guitar and vocals in the band. He was our 1st Keyboard player. If you need him, you can find him at the next O's game.

Michael Gary Zaruba

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